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Contactless cards are secured by the same advanced technology that underpins chip and PIN. Although a Contactless transaction does not require a PIN to be entered, from time to time the terminal will ask that the cardholder undertake a full contact chip and PIN transaction. This is designed to deter fraudulent use should the card be lost or stolen; each time a PIN is used it re-affirms that the cardholder is in possession of their card.
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Benefits of accepting Contactless cards:

  • no signature or PIN required for authorisation - except for an occasional security check
  • reduced queues, allowing you to serve more customers
  • Contactless card users will prefer retailers who accept Contactless payments
  • increased spend from customers who are no longer limited by the change in their pocket
  • same secure network as chip and PIN
  • reduces errors and risks associated with cash handling
  • improving service quality and meeting customer demand will increase customer satisfaction  

 Benefits for customers:

  • no need to have the correct change
  • no need to mess about with PINs or signatures - except for an occasional security check
  • no need to queue for so long; as Contactless speeds up the transactions
  • reduces the need to find a cash machine or carry cash
  • more convenient than other types of payment
  • no need to carry an additional card - contactless capability can be provided on a standard credit, debit or pre-paid card
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