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Create cards in a few clicks

TrustID is quick and easy to manage. Drag and drop interfaces, point and click data entry and real-time card previews enable you to focus on your people not your software, so you will be printing professional ID cards in no time.


No design or database knowledge required

With TrustID, you won't spend all day designing badges. Drag and drop to build, no complex menus or training required. Integrated backgrounds and dynamic objects let you reproduce a card in seconds, or create one that's all your own.

Ultimate flexibility - any printer, any card

TrustID is engineered to work with any ID card printer. Text is crisp and images are vibrant. The smart card programmer supercharges issuance for physical and logical access. Print and encode on smart chip, contactless and magnetic stripe cards.

Create dynamic 2D and 3D barcodes

Full barcode support comes as standard with every edition. TrustID dynamically generates more than 60 types of barcodes including QR codes, Code 39 and UPC.

Capture what matters with advanced camera support

Capture and edit photos, fingerprints and signatures without leaving the program. Use your webcam or digital camera directly from TrustID to help you get the perfect shot every time.

Integration at the touch of a button

Data Integration from Excel, SQL, dBASE, and Microsoft® Access database is seamless using the visual database wizard. Just connect to your database once to bring all your data files and photos into TrustID.

See a live preview of every card

TrustID gives a real time preview of every card during data entry so what you see is what you get. TrustID also monitors your connected printers in real time, so you know how many cards have printed, prints remaining, and when a printer needs to be cleaned.

Share the printing, reduce your workload

TrustID lets you manage users with unlimited logins and custom managed permissions. By preventing unauthorized database access or card design changes you can keep every issuance station running smoothly, and workload to a minimum.
  • Everything in the Classic edition +
  • Conditional elements and layers
  • Import CSV and text database files
  • Integrated reporting
  • User account management
  • Password protection
  • Unlimited Record Internal Database


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