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Zebra’s ZQ500™ Series offers best-in-class, rugged mobile printers for applications outside of a business’s four walls. The premium 3" (72 mm) ZQ510™ and 4" (104 mm) ZQ520™ printers are Zebra’s next-generation of high-performance mobile printers. The printers’ patented, military-grade design provides exceptional durability and reliability in the toughest environments.
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Tough. Reliable. Powerful.

On-the-go productivity requires dependable solutions in every situation. The high-performing ZQ500 Series stands up to the test every time regardless of the environment.

Rugged Design
Mobile work environments can be abusive for hardware. The ZQ500 printers are lightweight, yet engineered to handle the bumps, drops and collisions that are part of the job. The ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers feature a patented military design that meets third-party-verified MIL-STD 810g military standards for shock, vibration and temperature exposure. The printers can withstand repeated drops to concrete from 6.6' on multiple sides — and when paired with the optional exoskeleton case can withstand drops from 10'. And for additional protection, the ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers are designed to guard media from being ejected when the printer is dropped, keeping your workforce productive and focused while on the move.

Environmental Endurance
Zebra® not only protects your hardware, but also your operational uptime. The ZQ500 printers meet IP54-rating for resistance to dust and liquids that are common in mobile environments — from dirt in the field to crumbs in a service vehicle. And with cold temperature compensation, the ZQ500 Series automatically optimizes and balances print speed and print quality in cold temperatures.

Optimized Printing Power
To keep your employees on task and on schedule, the ZQ500 Series are the first Zebra products to support a secondary Bluetooth
communication channel, an innovative feature that allows one channel to send print jobs to the printer while a second channel performs additional functions such as device management. ZQ500 printers also feature “draft mode,” which optimizes the printing speed (5+ inches-perminute) for text-only printing. And with Power Smart Print Technology™, the printers can anticipate what users will print, saving batter power yet delivering fast, high-quality receipts and labels.

Simple to Use
ZQ500 printers are designed for intuitive, simple use — from the first shift to the last. The simplified user interface reduces the amount of accidentally changed printer settings, and the large buttons increase accuracy for gloved hands and fingers. Intuitive media loading reduces time employees spend changing rolls, and with sleep mode the printer wakes up when a job is sent and conserves battery power when not in use.


On-the-go Functionality for Premium Performance

The ZQ500 Series is not limited by typical office boundaries. With reliable connectivity options and space-saving, multi-functional accessories, the ZQ500 Series transforms every space into a productive work environment.

Reliable Connectivity
The ZQ500 Series comes standard with the latest in Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0. The printers also offer 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN connectivity that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and roaming within and across bands. And, with the multiport radio, your employees can simultaneously operate 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 — meaning they can be constantly updated and connected. If users lose their Bluetooth connectivity while on the road, Print Touch™ via NFC technology serves as an alternate option, ensuring users are always connected. The ZQ500 Series is “Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad” (MFi certified) and Wi-Fi Alliance certified, offering connectivity to a range of Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Mobile-Workspace Accessories
ZQ500 accessories are designed to optimize the tight spaces of mobile work environments — such as vehicles — through small footprints and multipurpose use. With easy and reliable vehicle charging options, employees can grab their device and go. The battery eliminator enables users to rely solely on vehicle power for fixed in-vehicle applications — erasing the need to replace the battery over the life of the printer. ZQ500 Series printers also offer adapters to attach vehicle cradles to existing e-charge and settlement room brackets.

Remote Management
The ZQ500 Series offers several device management options, including Profile Manager, which allows you to manage printers anywhere, anytime via a browser. Support for industry-standard MDM utilities makes it easy to communicate with all devices. ZQ500 printers are equipped with Syslog, an IT diagnostics tool that enables the printer to save and record error events that are written and can be retrieved from a file or, for remote troubleshooting, written to an IP port.

The ZQ500 offers several Link-OS environment software solutions and tools, including:
• PrintTouch NFC technology for fast pairing and easy access to essential data
• Profile Manager to monitor and control Link-OS printers anywhere in the world — all from one PC, tablet or smartphone screen
• Cloud Connect for direct and secure connection to the cloud
• Virtual Device Support — enabling printing using non-Zebra command languages

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