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Product Details:
Honeywell's Xenon 1900, the sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, has redefined the standard for hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom image sensor that is optimized for barcode scanning, the Xenon 1900 hand-held area image scanner offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology. This area imager has image processing software with advanced editing features as well as the ability to load and link multiple applications on the scanner. It is a durable hand-held scanner that can resist harsh environments and chemicals. Increase productivity and efficiency with the Xenon 1900 area image scanner.
Specifications Details
Custom sensor optimized for bar code scanning improves scanning aggressiveness and protects investment by providing supply chain stability
Three focal options (high density, standard range and extended range) provide application-specific scanning, leading to improved productivity
Image processing software offers advanced editing functionality—cropping, brightening, rotating, sharpening and more—to produce high-quality digital images
TotalFreedom® 2.0 development platform enables the loading and linking of multiple applications on the scanner to enhance image processing, decoding or data formatting functionality, eliminating the need for host system modifications
Remote MasterMind® scanner management software provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location
Optional disinfectant-ready housing protects investment with durable construction that is better able to resist the harmful effects of harsh chemicals
Reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D, Postal and OCR symbologies. *Decode capabilities dependent upon kit configuration


Accessories Details
Cable CBL-020-300-C00 RS232 (+/-5V signals), black, DB9 Female, 3m (9.8'), coiled, 5V external power with option for host power on pin 9
Cable CBL-420-300-C00 RS232 Aux, black, 3m (9.8'), coiled, for connection to Honeywell Stratos scanners
Cable CBL-500-500-C00 USB, black, Type A, 5m (16.4'), coiled, 5V host power
Cable CBL-503-300-C00 USB, black, 12V locking, 3m (9.8'), coiled, 5V host power
Cable CBL-600-400-C00 IBM 46xx Port 9b, 12V Power, coiled, 4m
Cable CBL-720-300-C00 KBW, black, PS2, 3m (9.8'), coiled, 5V external power with option for host power
Holder Kit 300001630 Plastic bracket facilitates mounting of scanner to wall, 2 mounting screws included in kit
Stand STND-08R00-000-4 gray, 8cm (3") height, rigid rod, weighted base, Xenon cradle
Stand STND-15R00-000-4 gray, 15cm (6") height, rigid rod, weighted base, Xenon cradle
Stand STND-22F00-001-4 black, 22cm (9") height, flexible rod, weighted base, Xenon cup