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Mobile POS & Handheld Terminals


Why limit transactions and customer service to behind the counter?

Mobile PoS - take the till to your customerIntroducing Mobile PoS units within your store allows your assistants to achieve high levels of service anywhere on the shop floor. No longer do your staff have to be stuck behind a counter to take transactions, find information for customers or check stock availability.

By freeing your staff from behind the traditional counter, you are allowing them to interact more with your customers which means that they can:

Increase Sales - Through access to detailed product knowledge and promotional messages, staff can influence the sale at the most critical point of the buying process.

Assist customers by taking payments and printing receipts from anywhere on the shop floor - The combination of a durable touch screen unit with a receipt printer and chip & pin terminal eliminates the need for long queues at the static till points, so improving customer satisfaction.

The Mobile POS unit gives you flexibility by making ALL back office features available from anywhere on the shop floor, including;

  • Check stock levels
  • Price enquiries
  • Add or amend products in real time
  • Perform stock takes, orders and input deliveries
  • Use Web browser to search the internet for additional product information.
  • Create label batches.



Handheld Terminals (HHTs)

Handheld TerminalHandheld Terminals are extremely useful and versatile tools for any retail business. They work using Radio Frequencies or Wi-Fi around your site.

They can be used to improve customer satisfaction levels through queue-busting. By linking with the software, you can scan the customer’s items using the HHT and create a “held sale” which can then be picked up and settled at any till point once the customer is ready.

Handheld Terminals can also be used to perform a variety of other tasks, including;

  • Checking stock levels
  • Perform stock takes, orders and input deliveries
  • Add or amend stock
  • Return goods
  • Price check report
  • Label requests

HHTs can be used to scan an item of stock anywhere on the shop floor or warehouse to assist in the updating of, or enquiry on any stock file – you don’t need to be at a work station to perform any of the above tasks.

Some of the benefits of using HHTs are;

  • Reduces the risk of user error as the barcode is scanned instead of manual entry
  • Stock takes can be achieved a lot quicker – no more keying information into the back office

Our Engineers will complete a RF or Wi-Fi survey prior to your installation to assess your requirements. HHTs are available for hire or purchase from G7.